Are you ready to completely change your life?

I went from working in a job that was killing me to earning a full time wage from Etsy in just 90 days.

You want to sell on etsy but...

You don’t think you can make anything good enough to sell.

You aren’t sure how to make your listings get seen.

Policies? What on earth are they and why do they matter?

What if you...

💎  Have the ability and the tool to build up the most successful Etsy shop?

💎 Had a solid foundation to build and grow a shop to change your life?

💎 Find a profitable Etsy store niche?

💎 Got guidance for creating your perfect shop logo?

💎 Learned how to make money from your Etsy store passively?

All of this isn’t just possible – I have done it over and over again!


How To Be Successful On Etsy E-Book

You know that opening an Etsy store is key to changing your life, but you don’t know where to begin. Let me help!

Here's what is included

By following this guide, you can build yourself a shop that easily gives you a full time income.

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

I have always wanted to have an Etsy store, but I have absolutely zero craft creativity. How To Be Successful On Etsy taught me that I don’t just need to sell handmade items on Etsy to be successful. I sat down with the book and my computer one morning, and by lunch time I had chosen my niche, my store name, set up the store with a logo, created my policies AND had my first listing live. Jess breaks down the steps into simple to follow chapters and now I have my very own Etsy store.

Emma Drew

Hey, I'm Jessica

In 2018 I was a newly qualified pharmacy dispenser working for a large chain pharmacy. I worked long 12 hour shifts and spent my days off as a vegetable. 

I was on a ton of painkillers and muscle relaxants because standing up for 12 hours a day in an environment where the only movement you make is
twisting to grab medication damages your back quite a lot!

I knew that I had to give up my job if I didn’t want to die at 23.

But I needed to make a full time wage…

January 2019:

I quit my job, came off my painkillers and started my Etsy store.

February 2019:

My Etsy shop had the ability to pay all my bills.

March 2019:

I was earning a full time wage from my Etsy shop, had
started up a website for the business and launched a subscription box which was shipping GLOBALLY.

That’s right…in the space of 90 DAYS my Etsy shop allowed me to quit a difficult job, pay all my bills and grow a business.

Now I am teaching others how to build successful and profitable Etsy shops.

This is a fabulous book! Three days after buying it I have a new Etsy store, a logo and stock supplies on the way.

Charlotte Jessop

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